1986 Chevy El Camino
To find out about when this El Camino was purchased and what was initially done please Click Here then come back for current pictures. The below pictures were take on April 6, 2006.

The latest is that this El Camino went back into the body shop during June 2005 to have a new hood put on, the fiberglass bed cover removed, and basic paint touch up for dings and such. Well here we are on April 1, 2006 picking it up from the body shop. Finally!

Why so long? Well, the El Camino was completely repainted. Originally, when the EC was painted some 5 years ago the color came out darker than what was expected. It turns out that too few base coats were laid down and since the red paint is translucent it came out darker. Fortunately, when the EC was in the shop this time a car pulled in that is the same color that mine was supposed to be. Seeing the two cars next to each other in his shop, my friend finally saw what I was talking about. When I arrived to pick up the EC there to my surprise was the color I always wanted. He painted the complete truck over for me as a surprise.

If you clicked on the link above for the original painting you can see how big a difference there is in the colors.

Click on any of the thumbnail images for a large picture. The large pictures are between 50k and 150k in size and will come up in a seperate window.