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Cliff Waldron
And The New Shades Of Grass

Teri Chism - Mark Clifton - Kevin Roop Cliff - Wayne Lanham

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Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA)
2004 Inductee - Click Here to read this great tribute inductee write-up about Cliff

Cliff Waldron

Cliff Waldron was born in Jolo, W.Va. And moved to the Washington, DC area in 1962. Cliff came to the forefront in bluegrass during his partnership with legendary banjoist, Bill Emerson, in the late 1960s. Their band found songs outside the normal bluegrass sources and brought a fresh, modern sound to bluegrass. After Emerson's departure, Cliff revitalized the band and continued to produce exciting music. During that time, Rebel Records released 12 successful albums to propel Cliff to a national and international reputation. Cliff performed at a variety of venues, including many major bluegrass festivals until his retirement from music in 1974.

Cliff retired in 1996 from a career with the National Park Service and has returned to bluegrass. Rebel Records has released a CD of Emerson & Waldron's music from the late 1960s and a Best of CD from Cliffs music of the 1970s. In 1998, Rebel released a new CD called "Old Friends and Memories" with Cliffs current band. A new CD is scheduled for release, from Rebel Records, in the spring of 2000.

Booking Information

Cliff Waldron
321 Hinsons Ford Road
Amissville, Va 20106

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CD's $14.00 each + $2.00 shipping
Send check or money order to:
Cliff Waldron
321 Hinsons Ford Road
Amissville, Va 20106

Performance Schedule
DateEventCity, StateTime
Jan 12
Holy Cross Lutheran ChurchHerndon, VA8:pm
1090 Sterling Rd
Info: 703-437-1883 -703-435-8377

January 20, 2007
B/G ConcertLucketts, Va7:00 pm
Lucketts Community Center
US Rt 15

Feb 17
Arcadia B/G ConcertsArcadia, MD7:00 PM
Arcadia Ave
Info: Dale Eyler 410-364-6195


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NSG CD1001

       New Direction       


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  1. Blue Ridge Side Of Blue
  2. Where Grass Won't Grow
  3. Find A Way To My Heart
  4. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
  5. Where Corn Don't Grow
  6. Empty House
  7. Kentucky Rain
  8. Where Your Love Won't Go
  9. Deep River
  10. There's Hope For Me Yet
  11. Moods Of A Fool
  12. Blue-Eyed Gal

Rebel CD1791

A Little Ways Down The Road


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  1. You're Not The Same Girl
  2. My Favorite Time Of The Day
  3. A Little Ways Down The Road
  4. God Walks The Dark Hills
  5. An Axe To Grind
  6. My Saro Jane
  7. Home
  8. I Would Like To see You Again
  9. She's Gone, Gone, Gone
  10. Why Not confess
  11. Only Trust Him
  12. A Little Past Little Rock

Rebel CD1771

Higher Ground


How to purchase

  1. My Lord Grows Sweeter Each Day
  2. Another Mile
  3. Will You Meet Me Over Yonder
  4. I'm Following The One
  5. He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me
  6. Look What I'm Trading For A Mansion
  7. Far Above The Starry Sky
  8. Riches Won't Hold Me
  9. Where Will You Build
  10. They've Made A New Bible
  11. What The Lord Has Done In Me
  12. Higher Ground

Rebel CD1761

Seasons Past


How to purchase

  1. Don't know why
  2. Times of my childhood
  3. Loving you has not been easy
  4. Old river
  5. Highway of my dreams
  6. Time passes by
  7. She's gone too far
  8. Brother, I'm getting ready to go
  9. Only a memory away
  10. Write your name across my heart
  11. Our love is always in season
  12. One more river

Rebel CD1741

Old Friends


How to purchase

  1. Places and friends I once knew
  2. Greenville trestle high
  3. I'll never grow tired of you
  4. You'll forget
  5. In the good old days
    (When times were bad)
  6. Walk a mile in my shoes
    Sound bite 191k
  7. Heaven is holding my memories
  8. Still right here in my heart
  9. The legend
  10. Reason to believe
  11. Anchored safe in the fold
  12. Blue Bonnet Lane

Rebel CD1124

The Best of
Cliff Waldron


How to purchase

  1. Wash my face in the morning dew
  2. I'm lonesome without you
  3. Four strong winds
  4. Sunny side of my life
  5. Falling leaves
  6. Thinking about you
  7. Ice covered birches
  8. Satan's jeweled crown
  9. Your love is like a flower
  10. Violet and the rose
  11. Brand new wagon
    Sound bite 218k
  12. Silver wings
  13. I'm lost and I'll never find the way
  14. Veil of white lace
  15. Loving you so long now
  16. Close the door lightly when you go
  17. Nobody's live is like mine

Rebel CD

The Best of
Emerson & Waldron


How to purchase

  1. Early morning rain
  2. I'm bound to ride
  3. There's no room in my heart for the blues
  4. Fox on the run
    Sound bite 169k
  5. Spanish grass
  6. A lonesome night
  7. Deep river
  8. If I were a carpenter
  9. Shiloh
  10. Little Maggie
  11. Our Darlin's gone
  12. Wheels
  13. Proud Mary
  14. I know you're married
  15. You didn't say goodbye
  16. Who will sing for me

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