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Basic Hosting Service (Performers and Groups)

Cancellation and Transfer Fees

Cancellation Fees
Website build (www.yourname.com)

If you decide to cancel your site after the build has
been created on a Bluegrass Connection Server, an IP
address assigned and webpage(s) work has started, the
following maximum rates will apply.

IP address assignment - $50.00 each
Site and/or Web Page(s) - $250.00 each
Website build (www.BluegrassConnection.com/yourname)
Site and/or Web Page(s) - $150.00 each
Transfer Fees
Domain Name transfer to the Bluegrass Connection Hosting service

Registrant/Administrative Contact/Technical Contact
The Bluegrass Connection obtains and manages Domain Names
on the behalf of it's customers at no additional charge during
their tenure with The Bluegrass Connection.

$50.00 each
Website build
The complete design and work to structure, format and develop
the web site and it's content ownership
$250.00 each
Domain Transfer to Customer Fee
Domain Name transfer to the Customer$250.00 each

Welcome to the Bluegrass Connection, the electronic internet catalog where you can find Band, Performer, Festival and other types of Official Home Pages. View Festival flyers including band pictures. Listen to a sound bite before you purchase a CD or Cassette. Purchase directly from the performers. Join band and other mailing lists. The Bluegrass Connection is here to help you find the information you need to further enjoy Bluegrass Music. The Bluegrass Connection is a member and supporter of the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA), and the Capitol Area Bluegrass and Oldtime Music Association (CABOMA).

Bluegrass Connection(tm)1995
The Bluegrass Connection(tm)1995

The Bluegrass Connection(tm), is the second Bluegrass Music site created on the World Wide Web. Our mission, design and concept was developed during 1994 and The Bluegrass Connection website was introduced on the Internet during 1995 and presented at the 1995 IBMA in Owensboro, Kentucky.

During our early years The Bluegrass Connection would highlight a particular band or artist for a period of time on our homepage. As a result, many bands were able to reach out to their fans and introduce themselves to new audiences quickly. Due to many inquiries and requests to bring that feature back, we are seriously considering a "featured band" on our homepage again.


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