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Shaw Brothers & Pete Milano

November 12, 2005 ---- All-American day ---- March 25, 2006?
It all started one day last fall with an email from Georgetown University students Liam Hardy and Ryan Doyle to Pete Milano.
The email said that there is an annual event that it is called "All-American day", and is normally held around Veterans Day. This annual event was started some years prior by Georgetown University students and has been carried forward over the years as a tradition. Most everyone attending the "All-American day", dresses for the occasion. They asked if we could play on Saturday 11/12/06.
Liam goes on in his email to say, "My friend and I are bluegrass fans, and we figured that we could probably create some enthusiasm among some of our friends here at Georgetown University by having an authentic bluegrass band come for the event. I grew up listening to Eddie Stubbs on Sunday mornings because my dad is a big fan."
No sooner said than done. Pete Milano & Shaw Brothers performed for this event and it turned out to be a great success. This gig was played without amplification and we couldn't even hear ourselves from all the enthusiasm from within the row house. The students were swooped up by the music especially with songs like Matterhorn, Redwood Hill, Rocky Top and Margie (from our album) was played. Slow songs were only played when we were out of breath.
After the show the band was invited to partake in the festivities that included Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and plenty of buns to go around. There was no shortage of soda and that other drink that comes out of a keg. Before departing we gave Liam and Ryan each a "Margie" CD.
But the story doesn't end here. It turns out that most of the students are seniors and as such will be graduating this summer. But, they had one more thing that they had to do before graduation day. One more Bluegrass Music party had to happen. March 25, 2006 arrived and so did Pete Milano & Shaw Brothers and this time the band was prepared. We hooked up one speaker, plugged everything in and we were "off to the races". There was a chance of rain so plastic covering was put up outside for the charcoal grilling.
We thought we knew what we were up against. Boy were we wrong. This row house was so packed that even with the sound system it was tough. Things were going great; the crowd was getting larger and larger. Then they started dancing right in front of us. And then, what came next just blew us away. The band had a pleasant surprise when everyone in the room sang along with us on the chorus to Margie. These students must have been trying to wear out the two CD's we gave them back in November. They sang along with "She's No Angel" and many of the standards too. Then the volume really got loud when Bob Shaw sang Country Roads.
We were introduced to the students who will be carrying on the tradition, ate some hamburgers (that's what they called them), and drank some stuff from the keg. So, I guess we will need to set a date aside in November for Pete Milano along with the Shaw Brothers to help carry on the traditional "All-American day", with the Georgetown University students.


Shaw Brothers & Pete Milano

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